our mommies need you!

The life of a single mother is no easy feat, especially a single mother in crisis. 23% of America's children are living in a single mother led household. One third of these families are food insecure and spend more than half of their income on housing. It doesn't stop there! More than one third of single mother led household live in poverty and are extremely vulnerable to homelessness. These are the hard facts of single motherhood! 

Many of our mommies are facing issues in one or more of the following areas: transportation, housing, food, mental health, abuse, trauma, and lack of support. This is where YOU can make a difference! 

Becoming a monthly supporter or one time donor can be the difference that allows a mom to pay her rent or attending a counseling session. The need is great for these mothers to receive support so she can then support her children. 

If you feel led to support single mothers in crisis, please click the link below.

Your donation makes a difference and helps transform the lives of single mothers living in crisis with unplanned pregnancies.