Our services

Every mother is a GIFT to her child. 


G- Group Support

The women who seek services through Mommies Matter are often lacking the support afforded to many of us. Some mothers don't have local family, or are in the process of rebuilding relationships broken by the past. 

Enrichment Gatherings: Twice monthly, mothers of all ages and life circumstances gather to share a meal, listen to an encouraging speaker, and fellowship together. 

Bonus: For those mothers in the program who need a few hours for self-care time, childcare is offered! 

Friendship and Community: Relationships happen naturally. Mothers in the program become a support system for one another, sharing resources, life lessons learned, and support one another by prayer and encouragement. 

Spiritual Guidance: Mommies Matter is centered around the truth of Jesus Christ. Mothers who join the program are in varying stages of their own Christian walk. Some mothers encounter God for the firs time at an Enrichment Gathering, while others are continuing the faith tradition of their upbringing. We are united through our desire to grow in the knowledge of God and His will for each one of us. 

I-Individualized Assistance 

Long-Term Goals: Mothers with specific and targeted needs are linked with the extensive support services of an on-staff Family Advocate. The role of the Family Advocate is to assist in the direction and navigation of community resource opportunities, employment and career needs, and educational advancement. 

F-Financial Assistance

Community Partnerships: The simple facts is single mothers in Ohio are more likely to live in poverty than any other demographic group. Single mothers are twice as likely to live in poverty as single fathers and they are also 7 times more likely to live in poverty than two-parent households. However, with access to community resources such as; transportation, childcare, education, and housing, single mothers and their children can achieve self-sufficiency and live productive, fulfilled lives.


Counseling and Trauma Resolution: Similar to many women, our mothers are often victims of childhood trauma, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Mommies Matter believes that through therapy and counseling our mothers will learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships, develop positive coping strategies, make peace with their past, and acquire good decision-making skills.